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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.

Bootcamp Agenda

Hello Next Leader,

First, a big thank you!

It's not too early to invest in your leadership capabilities, putting your potential talents into a real test to leverage your potential and self awareness. It's our turn to say thank you in a very special way, your commitment to development today contributes to our success as a nation and as a community in the near future. Leaders are good friends, good parents, good sons and daughters, good neighbors, etc. it's just about being influential within the business and professional community, it's about being your true good you in every single situation in your life. The youth leadership is designed for you to help explore and learn new concepts and techniques, whilst you have adequate leeway to teach and influence others through applying your strength profile effectively to social and professional matters.


  • Leadership Communication
  • Motivating Others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Public Speaking
  • Positive Psychology
  • Team-Building

First Day

Reception, Registration and activating your accounts
Camp orientation, introducing facilitators and coaches (how they can use Gibbs reflection cycle)
First keynote; Strength based Development
Activity; Talent Journal and movie
Coffee break
Workshop: Coaching and Mentoring I
Activity: Feedback circle

Day 2: Leadership Communication I

Keynote: What leaders communicate and how!
Activity: The frame exercise
Workshop: Introduction Behavioral Styles

Day 3: Leadership Communication II

Workshop: Behavioral Styles 2
Activity: Role plays
Activity: The Analyst (Analyze your friends and Family members)
Activity: Competition (Behavioral Styles Casting) All delegates (one room to get the right answers with proper justification)
Activity: Updating your team talent journal with your behavioral style

Day 4: Team work

Keynote: What makes a TEAM
Activity: Olympics round one
Activity: Circle Feedback

Day 5: Team work II

Keynote: Recapping day 4 to know how teams are functioning today
Activity: Surfacing conflicts
Workshop: Conflict resolution
Activity: 1st week circle feedback

Day 6: Delivering on a high note

Keynote: Effective public speaking
Activity: Practice and record
Concurrent Activity: self reflection
Activity: Coaching

Day 7: Preparing the Talk

Workshop: Let’s build it together (preparing the talk)
Workshop: How to use visual aids, while creating their own
Activity: Circle feedback on their visual aids
Building the team
Activity: Olympics II
Movie session: Glen Parker - team building

Day 8: Walking the talk

Keynote: How leaders build cohesive teams while others struggle
Activity: The Highest Tower
Debriefing: Bigger goals are for Strongest teams
Activity: Circle feedback

Day 9: Rehearsals and free workshops

Building the stage

Day 10: The Closing day every 20 delegates will show up on the stage to give a memorable speech (12 minutes speech)

Group photos and fun booth activities

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