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Psychometric Assessments

 Myths about Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests have been used by many Human Resources professionals as an initial selection tool for applicants filtration but, there have been different misperceptions regarding them. Are psychometric tests used only for recruitment purpose? Are psychometric tests really time consuming? Are these tests dependable for evaluation? Should these tests be conducted by psychologists? 


First Myth: Psychometric Tests are Only for Recruitment and Selection: 

 The Truth is: In selection process, psychometric test is used for initial filtration as a first step to test the eligibility of the applicants. Many employers believe that this is the only use of psychometric tests, therefore; no sufficient attention is given to it. The truth is; psychometric test is used to measure a person’s ability including; logical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, decision making, ability to deal with numbers and technical skills. Also, some tests e.g. the MBTI are used to determine the person’s personality style including; his strengths, weaknesses and potential conflicts that may result because of different styles.

Career anchors- RSI test (developed by Edgar Schein) also helps identify what people want the most out of their career and ultimately drives to take the final decision. Psychometric assessments are very important not only for the Recruitment Department for the purposes of assessing the eligibility for selection but, also for promotion and development assessment. It’s also important for the supervisors to have a clear personality profile for each team member to determine the strengths they need to re-enforce and the areas of development they need to assist their team member to develop, anticipate the potential conflicts based on the team’s differences and understand each member’s motives for work. 

 Second Myth: Psychometric Tests are Time Consuming:

 The Truth is: Psychometric results can be misperceived to be time consuming during performing them and interpreting the results for analysis. As a matter of fact; psychometric tests are time saving as they can be administered online and therefore; results can be automatically attained. The test can take from 15 to 60 minutes and therefore, candidates subject to evaluation can be assessed in one go.

 Third Myth: Psychometric Tests are Unreliable:

 The Truth is: Psychometric tests can provide better and more accurate judgement if cautiously administered as they can be done away from personal opinions that are subject to bias. Also, the kinds of assessments selected to evaluate are competency based; which means that according to the competencies needed for the organization, department or job; the tests are selected to evaluate them. So, the results attained would provide a clear analysis for the areas of strength and weakness for the candidate.

Fourth Myth: Psychometric Tests Have to Be Conducted by a Psychologist: 

The Truth is: It may be misperceived that psychometric tests need a psychologist to interpret the results; this is simply not true. There are training programs to be provided that can enable your team to learn the skills and knowledge needed to interpret the results. Also, there are consultation companies that provide psychometric assessment tools through an online system that administers and evaluates the tests. 

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