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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.

Entrepreneurship Hub

November 1st and 2nd, 2017.

International Speakers

Entrepreneurship Speakers

Leadership Speakers

The future of the Egyptian economy relies on the imagination of entrepreneurs. It is clear that small and medium Enterprises have become part of the strategic national direction of the Egyptian Government. MSA as one of the leading private universities in the region, seeks to understand the economic and social impacts of the global dynamics and digital communications that are reshaping business, industries, and ecosystems. Our event is a networking and trade exhibition accompanied with a business growth accelerator conference. It focuses on providing ideas, thoughts and solutions to problems that are highly relevant to the greater global business community and the Egyptian business community in particular.

The Hub Will Have

MSA Entrepreneurship Hub consists of four (4) mega events, coming together to make these two days unforgettable for everyone who is lucky enough to be part of this special event.

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Exhibition: 

This exhibition resembles a smaller scale of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt and probably in the region. It comes as a golden opportunity to gather entrepreneurs at different stages, funding agencies, banking and finance sector, government bodies, startups, students or young entrepreneurs who want to showcase their ideas and projects, interested investors, NGOs, social entrepreneurship proponents, international bodies supporting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship focused grants, etc. The exhibition will be virtually divided into several sections while being all gathered in one location.

Young Entrepreneurs Section
This section will be dedicated to school and university students who are hungry enough to demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurial capacity, while showcasing their projects and ideas. This section will be open for pre-selected students who have been through a dedicated capacity building program that applies action learning and behavioral modelling methods to upgrade their innovation and entrepreneurial capacity. The main objective here is to help young entrepreneurs showcase their projects and get acknowledged in different possible ways.
Startup Career Fair
The exhibition will avail an excellent opportunity for those who are excited about being part of a growing business or startup. Those highly energized, passionate, creative and extraordinary employees will get exposed to a wide array of potential career opportunities that exist in various emerging industries and new startup projects, from application development, events management to healthcare and social impact. We encourage students to contribute their voices and entrepreneurial skills to create powerful ideas and solutions.
The Core
The core of this event represents a very rigorous networking opportunity for business leaders, sponsors, angel investors, venture capitalists, startups, mature projects and ideas, funding agencies, banking and finance sector partners, government representation, etc. Here’s the golden opportunity to take it further whether you are an entrepreneur or mutually interested to help them grow exponentially. The core event is the main part of the exhibition where we invite all those sectors to demonstrate and communicate their services, needs and projects with the objective to walk away from those two days with tangible added value.
Social Entrepreneurship Forum
This part of the exhibition is dedicated to promote the value of social entrepreneurship and helping guests, visitors and students understand the potential opportunities and the emerging needs of the social entrepreneurship. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet social entrepreneurship proponents and organizations who are seeking help and looking forward to spread their influence or impact.

Social entrepreneurship; Build a business, change lives.

The MSA Entrepreneurship Hub is open to anyone interested in learning about entrepreneurship and lean innovation practices and it’s also a place to pick up knowledge on a variety of business topics such as Leadership, Business Management, Financial Management, Employee Engagement, Strategic Planning and the art of executing strategies...etc.

The Trade Fair:

Entrepreneurial Products
A very special part of the event is prepared for our guests to seize the opportunity to buy unique, innovative and customized products for affordable prices. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to bring their special products to our trade fair, offering exclusive special prices for our event guests, making the best use of being part of a big university event with more than 15000 potential buyers available in one place.
Women Entrepreneurs
To salute the power and entrepreneurship of today's women, this section is dedicated to help women entrepreneurs showcase their work and achievements to get acknowledged and probably supported in different means. A special trade exhibition will be held for products and services made by leading and aspiring women who own businesses, helping them promote their products and services during our two-day event. Distinguished aspiring Women Entrepreneurs will share their story of success, what kind of challenges or obstacles they faced and how they overcame them, providing an excellent opportunity for consulting others who share the same level of passion and enthusiasm to materialize their ideas and becoming future women entrepreneurs. This part is acknowledged under the umbrella of the trade fair, where women entrepreneurs are just required to pay simple fees (800 EGP) just to ensure commitment, while being granted the selling privilege and encouraged to use a casual salon associated to the trade fair to advise other interested women on how they can break the impasse towards achieving their dreams and reaching their passion.

Professional International Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership Conference:

One of the best opportunities entrepreneurs, business leaders, faculties and students might be looking for, is being part of an international professional conference that brings world-class entrepreneurs, thought leaders, highly distinguished technical experts and successful entrepreneurs at different levels together to provide a collaborative integrated robust message for how everyone can make their dream happen. Forward Thinking ideas and recent thoughts will be shared with our participants, allowing a leeway for discussion, participation and networking.

This event is a business growth accelerator conference and it addresses entrepreneurs at all ages. A $250 Million Entrepreneur will open this event with a can’t miss talk that succinctly delineates the key secrets for entrepreneurs to take their ideas further and turning their worries into a real sustainable business. Dawnna St. Louis; the famous entrepreneurship and leadership guru comes for the first time to the Middle East with practical advice that can be put into action immediately after leaving the session, collaborating with the international entrepreneurship consultant Neil Fogarty who visited 66 countries to help them break the impasse towards more sustainable and supportive entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Our guests and speakers will collaborate together through the panel discussions to draw upon the main characteristics of the next generation of entrepreneurship, trying to delineate a vision for Egypt’s entrepreneurship endeavors in 2030, while clarifying the challenges and proposing some viable solutions and advice that might make it possible for everyone to chase his/her dream more confidently.

If you've thought of going to this conference but couldn't justify the reasons to do so, here are 4 reasons you should definitely check them out:

Learn from the best to act like gurus
Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader or owner, nobody knows everything. You have to make some bad and intelligent mistakes before taking things forward. But there’s always a way to avoid costly mistakes that can threaten your business or corporate health, leaving a leeway for intelligent mistakes to spur your innovation process while avoiding those devastating ones. This type of conferences helps you start from the end of others’ trails, ensuring that you are always ahead with much more possibilities of success attained. Our international guests, technical experts and entrepreneurs can tell you how to avoid making those silly mistakes and escaping the consequences if you've already made those mistakes.
Network and make connections
Conferences are more than listening to talks and speeches. It’s about networking, getting to know others from your industry or its supporting services and exploring opportunities for business to business cooperation, partnerships, etc. It’s about meeting people like you who can definitely exchange business benefits with you.
Learn more about your industry
Disruption and change became the constant things that you can always expect in today’s world. Sometimes those disrupting changes come to an entrepreneur as a surprise causing a devastating impact on the overall health of their businesses and in some cases it leads to simply failure. It’s now a requirement to know about what’s happening in your industry as a whole and sometimes on a global level, so you will be able to prepare for such changes as it gives you a chance to prepare for the changes ahead.
Get some inspiration
It’s probably the biggest benefit, that you get inspired with tons of ideas, stories and thoughts from successful entrepreneurs, technical experts, leaders and international speakers. That might become a turning point to integrate or adopt one of these switched on ideas.

Technical Workshops:

The last part of this event is tailored to functional professionals and students who are looking for deeper learning to discuss some specific topics in more details with highly adept and professional experts who have real hands-on experience and exposed recent ideas that are up to the speed of global change:

International Workshops:

  • Ecosystem Mapping by Neil Fogarty
  • 6 kick-ass strategies for the million dollar entrepreneur by Dawnna St. Louis
  • Building a winning team by Mike Cockburn

Technical/Functional Workshops:

  • Financial statement analysis and corporate governance by Ziad Hamdy (CFO of Nile Air)
  • Behavioral and Social Styles by Ahmed Reda (Learning & Development Supervisor at MSA University)
  • Technology enabled strategic planning and governance by Samer Ibrahim (Professor of Computer Engineering/ ES EMEA transformation delivery manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • How to become an effective business analyst By Amr Ali (Organization Development Supervisor at MSA University)
  • Sustainable Development & Social Enterprise by Mohamed Kadry (Founder of ThinkTank, Waseela and other social entreprises)

Speakers & Facilitators

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Entrepreneurship Exhibition Partners

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Why Become a Sponsor

Workshops and Talks. The event is considered an excellent learning experience and knowledge exchange opportunity in aspects related to: entrepreneurship, business, lean innovation, leadership and management. The event will include; keynote speeches, workshops and panel interviews that will be demonstrated by international and Egyptian speakers who will be contributing to the event in addition to corporate speakers and young entrepreneurs.

Networking. In addition to the workshops, keynote speeches and panel interviews that would be running through the event, there will be a part for exhibition where entrepreneurs would have the opportunity to show their products and services. Sponsors would get the opportunity to directly interact with entrepreneurs featuring the best of the entrepreneurship and lean innovation community.

Community Support. 10% of the Sponsorship and contributing packages will be dedicated to funding some other projects and at the end of the exhibition, a jury will select the best entrepreneurship project based on accurate criteria to receive a fund.


Branding. Employer branding especially that focuses on the CSR aspect is of high importance for sponsors, which is achieved through our online and offline promotional tools that ensure the most effective reach. Also, the event gives an excellent opportunity for startups to be introduced to the audience including government bodies and community partners.

Mentoring. Successful entrepreneurs will be sharing their success stories in the event to provide guidance for young entrepreneurs who would like to start their own businesses or are seeking to flourish and sprout more. Also, the trade show will give a sufficient opportunity for young entrepreneurs to receive feedback from entities who are seeking to support innovators and entrepreneurs

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What are the registration deadlines?
There are no deadlines for registration, but we operate on first-come first-served basis. Since our events contain workshops with limited seat numbers, we advise to book your place early to get the privilege of choosing the topic of the workshop you are interested in.
How do I become a sponsor?
To become a sponsor, kindly fill in this registration form (click here to register)
When does the early bird discount end?
The early bird discount for sponsors ends by the end of June.
Can I change plans/cancel at any time?
Yes. The amount of refund will be estimated according to the time of cancellation.
Is there a dress code to attend the event?
Yes. The dress code for this event is casual or smart casual.

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