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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.


December 28th , 2018.

About The Camp

In an enormous interactive and enjoyable day, the families come together to strengthen their relationships with several activities that has to be done as a family for a better bonding and mutual understanding. We believes in creating the perfect opportunity for you to spend time with your family in our fun and exciting recreational activities in the Family Team Building Days!

Our experienced team of facilitators will look after your family, supervise the activities and keep everyone entertained.

Types of Activities:

1- Personality-Based activities, which also comes in different forms. But the most common of which is the use of a personality questionnaire which will not only teach about the personality of each family member but also increase the self awareness.

2- Action-Based activities which comprises a fulfillment of puzzling tasks, most often in an outdoor set up. Teamwork from each family is required in these activities, for them to succeed with the challenges. Also, the success and the lessons that they have seen and achieved in the day of those activities can be brought into the the real life.

3- Skills-Based activities which engages team members in a workshop developing certain skills, such as the positive attitude, dealing with conflict, effective listening and more. With the development of these skills during the activities and workshops, it is possible to create a better romust family.

4- Problem Solving-Based activities which is frequently executed at an outside context but can also be applied to an indoor challenge. This type is aimed at helping the team unravel and solve certain problems given by an outside facilitator. The family members will then work together to identify the challenges and possible solutions while trying to work as excellently as possible in solving the problem.


  • Leadership Communication
  • Motivating Others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personality styles
  • Listening Skills
  • Community Service

N.B: Please note we only provide refreshing juices and some pastries.

Who Should Attend

Passionate Families with your young child aged 9-18 years old.

Event Duration : 6 Hours (1 Full training day)

 Family Ticket Price: 1200 EGP (Maximum family members is five)


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Why Become a Sponsor

Branding.Sponsors will have the privilege to be promoted through online and offline promotional tools that ensure sufficient reach to the target audience.

Explore New Potentials.The camp provides a very good opportunity to network with the youth who will be considered as future leaders. Through the event sponsors will get to know their future potentials and aspirations and will work collaboratively with them during this learning experience.


Knowledge Contribution.Part of the contribution to the event is mentoring the young leaders to develop the skills needed for personal development, become effective team players and achieve their self fulfilling goals. Also, employers would have a chance to share their knowledge and the potential opportunities with the young leaders


Do you provide transportation?
Yes, we provide free transportation for MSA staff/students. However, we also offer transportation for non MSA staff/students for additional costs. For info, please contact us at cbsd@msa.eun.eg
What are the registration deadlines?
There are no deadlines for registration, but we operate on first-come first-served basis. Since our events contain workshops with limited seat numbers, we advise to book your place early to get the privilege of choosing the topic of the workshop you are interested in.
How do I become a sponsor?
To become a sponsor, kindly fill in this registration form (click here to register)
When does the early bird discount end?
The early bird discount for sponsors ends by the end of June.
Can I change plans/cancel at any time?
Yes. The amount of refund will be estimated according to the time of cancellation.
Is there a dress code to attend the event?
Yes. The dress code for this event is casual or smart casual.

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