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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.




MSA CBSD puts great emphasis on combining intellectual rigor, collaborative intelligence with commitment to excellence; chasing audacious goals and prolific ambitions. We tend to see our strategy as a living creature, with whom we consult, communicate with and develop to sustain our capability of attaining future goals. Our strategy reflects the way we think of playing our strengths to create real value to the wider community. However, strategies aren’t enough to formulate the desired working culture that is resembled in every single point of contact with our team; they must be augmented with our values, vision, responsibilities, expertise, professionalism, agility and perspectives.

The following strategy endorses in several ways the cornerstones of our culture and values, those have bolstered the formulation process to make those strategies real. Strategies are built to drive value. We are always committed to self-renewal, addressing needs and changes and ensuring that we deliver up to the speed of change.

Our strategy capitalizes on our core strengths and aspirations whilst addressing the significant challenges facing our sector and region. This strategy serves as a guide that outlines the steps and paths that we need to travel through in order to make our vision a reality, ensuring that the ambitions and aspirations of our people, customers and partners are met.

Empowering Minds:

We see ourselves capable of enabling opportunities for people to create, synergize, exchange and develop thoughtful perspectives and ideas; capitalizing on technology in every single step, while offering free on-demand services, encouraging switched-on minds to collaborate and flourish.

Exponential Growth:

We commit ourselves to astonishing the world through fast development and growth. Making a leap in every single service we provide, contributing to cultural transformation, and influencing the whole industry, prompting competitors to improve and move forward; whilst we are thriving on the competition to ensure that the concept of collaboration is proven successful at all levels. We consider continuous development and improvement, the main bedrock for such strategy to come true. Expansion is always key when we think about the future.

Fighting Mediocrity for Excellence:

We insatiably chase after excellence in every moment, while fighting mediocrity around us. We are not just committed to provide our clients and customers with high quality service but we see ourselves responsible for differentiating high quality service from mediocre ones, helping our clients become more vigilant when they make future choices. Raising the bar in our perspective is considered essential in our journey of cultural transformation. We are here to add tangible value that everyone can recognize and appreciate.

Research Based Development:

Innovation doesn’t come out of the blue…Continuous research, experimentation and development form our credo for taking things further into the future. Research and development are part of our service promise, to ensure high quality service is acquired by our clients. If learning organizations are not driven by research, innovation will become a hodgepodge.

Purposeful Integration of Technology:

Living in such an ever-changing world proves how valuable integrating technology is, not just in our day-to-day activities and processes but even with our decision-making and thinking process. Technology made excuses much sillier than ever now. Possibilities are now limitless to make your biggest goals a reality. However, technology is paralyzed if you don’t know your goals or you can’t see where you are heading.

Strategic Partnership and Collaboration:

It’s now axiomatic that we tend to see collaboration as a trending issue for a sustainable future. We consider partnership and collaboration essential for big goals to be achieved. In today’s world collaboration is behind every single big move, win-win partnership is the essence of developing a balanced value system where every partner strives to see his partner succeeding.


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  • 26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.
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