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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.

Professional Education

MSA CBSD offers a wide and diverse range of open enrollment, collaborative and customized programs. These programs are designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders, and executives from many different functions who strive for professional and personal growth. We promote learning and education as a better meaning for life and not just limited to career or business advancement. Our programs focus on providing critical insights, individual and group reflections into a range of widely accepted theories, perspectives, strategies and approaches, while promoting effective transfer to work and life context. Lifelong learning is one of our vital bedrocks that we believe as a critical and essential graduate attribute for our clients.

Our programs are developed to help executives, professionals and organizations from both the private and the public sectors achieve operational excellence and results.

MSA CBSD Graduate Attributes:

We believe at MSA CBSD that every member, client and graduate is unique, they have their own experience, perspectives, learning and way of approaching life. Graduate Attributes (G.A.) are the academic competencies, personal qualities and transferable skills which all our clients and participants will have the opportunity to develop as part of their experience at MSA CBSD.

Our professional education programs comprise the following levels:

Professional Associate Certificate (Level 3): 2 core modules (40 credits) 2 optional modules (40 credits) Project, dissertation and report (40 credits)- 120 credits.

Professional Master Certificate (Level 5): 2 core modules (40 credits) 3 optional modules (60 credits) Project, dissertation, fieldwork and report (60 credits)- 160 credits.

Professional Diploma (Level 7): 2 core modules (40 credits) 4 optional modules (80 credits) Project, dissertation and report (40 credits) and fieldwork (80 credits)- 240 credits.

Executive International Professional Diploma (Level 7): 2 core modules (40 credits) 2 optional modules (40) Work application and executive coaching (120 credits). 200 credits.

Each program can offer full-time, part-time and flexible study options. Duration will be discussed later according to each program.

From the outset, our business development team will respond promptly and effectively to your needs and expectations as a client, assisting you to choose your best solution ensuring convenience and effectiveness . They get to know individuals and the organization very well, offering a highly personalized and flexible service, building trust and understanding throughout the program / intervention journey.

We develop multi-level, long-term relationships with our partners to keep them connected to relevant areas, capitalizing on the professional capacity of our facilitators, administrators, and program leaders to keep our relationship growing and sprouting, needless to say, technology plays a pivotal role to make this relationship rewarding for both parties. More importantly we insist to keep learning going after the end of the program yet helping our clients and audience explore varied opportunities to reinforce their professional learning experience, while maintaining global and local engagement before, during and after each intervention.

We attract top quality participants from varied sectors and across industries who are keen to keep themselves up to the speed of change and development around the globe, while working with highly distinguished professional facilitators and coaches who are striving to bring forward thinking into real practice, promising significant results. Getting the best of synergizing technology, passion, expertise, international paradigms, group effort with robust curriculums to enrich the learning and make coming to MSA CBSD an unforgettable experience.

Our custom programs:

MSA CBSD custom programs are designed to solve real business issues or to assist clients in growing stages to reach bigger resorts. We work with our clients to help uncover the right solutions and identify the knowledge, behaviours and actions that will make a difference to your organization, while partnering with you to achieve, track, monitor and evaluate results.

Our collaborative programs:

MSA CBSD collaborative programs are designed around highly academic standards with stunning best practices, capitalizing on robust relationship with industry partners, who can team up with MSA CBSD to make a real civic impact. Our collaborative programs are a multi-joint programs where other academic partners, industry leaders, insightful professionals, non-governmental and governmental organizations are collaborating to build state-of-the-art programs that can be acknowledged for their social and civic value.

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