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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.

Entrepreneurship Hub

Abdo Magdy is a Internet/Technology Entrepreneur of 12 years. Starting his first business at the age of 18, building technology applications for entrepreneurs around the world to managing a group of global companies under EGY Enterprises Ltd. providing entrepreneurs and small business owners in emerging markets with a one-stop-shop with access to the people, products and services they need to reduce their expenses, increase their profits and expand their businesses. Along the journey, Abdo has founded EgyPreneur as Egypt's first and largest online network for entrepreneurs sharing stories and lessons learnt among established and aspiring entrepreneurs. Stay tuned to hear him speaking about the lessons learnt from his failures and successes as an Egyptian entrepreneur and learn more about his journey and upcoming book, The Growth Manifesto, by visiting www.AbdoMagdy.com 







Shereen Allam was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She studied Business Administration in the American University in Cairo and graduated with highest honors. At the age of 20 she took her first job as a Public Relations Officer in an economic magazine and then moved to hold the post of the Office Manager of the CEO of AT&T Egypt. She then applied to the UNESCO Cairo Office and held a permanent post at the UN. All through this her entrepreneurial instincts were pushing her towards establishing her own company in 1990. She established a manufacturing company for baby clothes. She designed, manufactured and distributed her own line of clothes under the name of Baby Boom. She started with 3 machines and ended up after 3 years with 50 machines and 80 employees and a distribution chain of 200 shops. She ran my own shop for 8 years in Grand Mall Maadi and it was a pioneer in the way it displayed and served its clients. Next to her baby clothes line, she added no less than 80 items from around 40 suppliers. Until in the end of 2000 she sold her business and moved on to open with her husband another company in the field of recycling of printer cartridges. They wanted to raise the awareness of our society environmentally. They managed to make around 250 national and multinational organizations more aware that by saving their empty printer cartridges and recycling them with us and getting a cartridge that gives them superb printing quality, they are not only saving the environment from toxic wastes but they are also saving more than 40% of their printing budgets. They also moved on during the past couple of years to expand their company by adding 3 or 4 departments namely hardware maintenance, hardware and computer accessories trading and getting an agency or two on the way. Their company today is the number one distributor of compatible printer cartridges in Egypt with over 200 companies as their prime clients. 

During her 28 years of experience of Entrepreneurship she trained personally each and every employee (around 200) she had whether they are workers or administrative staff and until today she hears their success stories in life. 

She is a certified trained facilitator and currently she is facilitating an online program for university students. She also consults startup business ventures and helps young entrepreneurs as she is certified by a course taken with the Rady School of Management in San Diego in 2004 in Entrepreneurship. 

She founded and co-manages a marketing company called Jzoor which supports startups to grow and sustain locally, regionally and internationally. 

Shereen is also the recipient of TIAW Award and the Top 50 Women Performing in Egypt Award for 2017. 

Mohamed Kadry, founder of Think Tank Development Solutions; a social venture acting as a knowledge hub for social development innovations introduced by young people, focusing mainly on Social Entrepreneurship as a mean for sustainable development.

Mohamed has been working in community development since 2002, working for and collaborating with many local, international and governmental organizations; Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ashoka Arab World, UNDP, Information and Decision Support Center, Ministry of Social Solidarity, UNICEF, British Council, GIZ, Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute and UNESCO. Mohamed’s expertise includes civic engagement and participation, dialogue, social accountability, debating skills, outreach and communication, youth development, youth unemployment, and youth economic empowerment.

Mohamed holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from School of Global Affairs and Public Policy/American University in Cairo. In 2008 he completed a graduate diploma in Management of NGOs from Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences/Cairo University. In 2005 he received his bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Cairo University.

In 2012 Mohamed had received Youssef Jameel Public Leadership Fellowship and in 2014 Mohamed had received the Social Entrepreneurship Award "Pioneers of Egypt", from Synergos Foundation for his efforts in creative youth civic engagement approaches.


Co-founder at ‎FooolTank - فول تانك‎)

Hussayn was born in October 1985. In 2008, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Engineering from the German University in Cairo. After graduation and till 2012 he worked in corporate jobs, the last three of which were at Hewlett-Packard in pre-sales.

In summer 2012 -together with 2 friends- he launched FooolTank and in October of the same year he left Cairo for 2 years split between ElGouna and Berlin, in which he completed his Master’s degree in Urban Development at Technische Universität Berlin - Campus ElGouna.

Currently he is an advisor for accessibility planning & management at TatweerMisr.







A seasoned professional with experience in different fields, from the telecommunications industry to the sports and education industry.

Possessing over 12 years of experience in sports media, journalism, marketing and sponsorship. An expert in social media management, creating communities, customer experience and fan engagement.

He's the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of KingFut.com - the leading English website and sports digital agency.

Mohamed is also the Media Manager of CairoRunners, Chairman of the Official Manchester United Supporters' Club in Egypt, and founder of The 3 Wise Monkeys Productions and The Experience Club.

Mohamed holds several postgraduate diplomas in sports management and marketing from CIES/FIFA, SBI (Sports Business Institute of Barcelona) and Yonsei University. He's also an avid travel blogger and a renowned music DJ/Producer.

Speaking topic title: The Power of Community in Startups

Brief Description of the topic:

The talk will be about how creating a strong community is essential in the success of startups and movements, given through my personal experience in starting up 4 companies and helping numerous others, leveraging on creating a strong community of people who believe in them. Live/actual examples of how those startups came to life and were sustainable, through KingFut, The Manchester United Supporters' Club Egypt, CairoRunners and The Experience Club.

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