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26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.

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TEL: 38371517 - 38371518

FAX: (+202) 3837 1543

Hotline : 16672

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A community service division emanated from more than 50 years in education at all levels, spurred by international exposure and long years of partnership with UK institutions. We develop rewarding partnerships that help our clients bring about lasting improvements to their performance and growth. We work with businesses, individuals, families, schools, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates to enable forward thinking that invigorate and galvanize their potential to embrace true results.

Entrepreneurship Hub

Otmost is designed particularly for B2B transactions, where businesses can sell their unused capacity in exchange for Mosto (Pseudo-currency), so they can buy and sell any business service on the platform as long as they have enough points in their account. 

Website:  https://www.otmost.com/









S.K.I.C.E is an educational organization which supports international students and open doors for them in U.S. institutions.

We connect you with a large network of institutions across the U.S. 

Mission: "Help you in building your educational future be competitive in the job market and reach your professional goals" 









We offer you a complete time and money-saving solution to all your photography needs. No matter what your event is, we cover it! 

The process:

1 - You'll get a professional and friendly photographer to cover your event or photoshoot . (this is always free) 

2 - You receive a secret passcode unique to your pictures only. 

3 - Go to picturate-me.com to view your edited pictures, you can apply your own filters as well. (utilizes the safest and most secure platform used in Egypt) 

4 - You can download your pictures as well as ordering prints in different sizes and various classy frames. 

5 - You can securely pay online, or pay in cash on receiving your order. (free delivery) 




TICO (http://www.ticocmrdi.com/) is Established at CMRDI (http://www.cmrdi.sci.eg/) and Funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt (http:// www.asrt.sci.eg). 

The vision of TICO is to activate the role of CMRDI in industry and communities and increase its effectiveness by linking them to the market needs and encouraging the entrepreneurship through institutional system. 

TICO has the following offices: 

  1. Technology Transfer Office (TTO)
  2. Grants and International Cooperation Office (GICO)
  3. Technology Innovation Support Office (TISC).





Short Circuit Designs was founded at the end of 2013. The main activities of the company are in the field of embedded systems where, with the support of its high level staff, aims at offering handy and affordable embedded systems solutions for educational, training and commercial purposes. 

At SCD we’ve got our hands on the two building blocks of embedded systems i.e. hardware and software. For hardware, SCD offers high quality and professional Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designs with reasonable costs for students, companies and electronics hobbyists. 








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  • 26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.
  • 38371517 - 38371518
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